WWE Night of ChampionsWWE Night of Champions

WWE Night of Champions--Live on Sunday, September 18, 2011 from HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York

Night of Champions 2011 is Presented By Light Strike

The official theme song for the event is "The Champion In Me" (by 3 Doors Down)

"It's A Night You'll Never Forget!"

Current Champions of the WWE after Night of Champions (9/18/11):

WWE Championship---John Cena (won at Night of Champions 2011 on 9/19/11)

World Heavyweight Championship---Mark Henry (won at Night of Champions on 9/18/11)

Intercontinental Championship---Cody Rhodes (won on the 8/9/11 edition of Smackdown)

United States Championship---Dolph Ziggler (won at Capitol Punishment 2011 on 6/19/11)

WWE Tag Team Championship---Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (won on the 8/22/11 edition of Raw)

WWE Divas Championship---Kelly Kelly (won on the 6/20/11 edition of Raw)

Night of Champions 2011 Results

RESULTS: Triple H def. CM Punk (No Disqualification Match)

09/18/2011 22:16
BUFFALO, N.Y. — Superstars, Divas, consultants and all others can stow their résumés for the time being. At Night of Champions, WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H trounced the ambitions of would-be successors as he defeated CM Punk to maintain his spot as top executive in WWE, thanks to the...

RESULTS: John Cena def. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio by submission

09/18/2011 21:53
BUFFALO, N.Y. — For the 12th time in his storied career, John Cena can proclaim these words — The Champ is here. Entering Night of Champions as a challenger to the underhanded Alberto Del Rio, the West Newbury, Mass. native toppled The Mexican Aristocrat to capture a record 10th WWE...

RESULTS: Divas Champion Kelly Kelly def. Beth Phoenix

09/18/2011 21:32
“Your days as the cute, perky blond bimbo are over.” – Beth Phoenix, to Divas Champion Kelly Kelly on August 1, 2011. With those words, The Glamazon had drawn a line in the sand – she was determined to change the very face of the Divas division. At SummerSlam two weeks later, though,...

RESULTS: Mark Henry def. World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

09/18/2011 20:58
BUFFALO, N.Y. – After 15 years in WWE, Mark Henry finally dominated his way into greatness, capturing his first World Heavyweight Championship in a clash of pure brutality with Randy Orton at Night of Champions. Though Mark Henry was destined to make history when the smoke cleared, his...

RESULTS: US Champion Ziggler def. Morrison, Swagger, & Riley in a Fatal Four-Way

09/18/2011 20:46
Buffalo, N.Y. – United States Champion Dolph Zigger, Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and John Morrison, four of the finest athletes in WWE, squared off in a high-octane thriller that could have seen any one of the Superstars emerge victorious. But it was Dolph Ziggler’s quick thinking that allowed...

RESULTS: Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes def. Ted DiBiase

09/18/2011 20:28
BUFFALO, N.Y. – Ted DiBiase hid under a paper bag among members of the WWE Universe and literally got the jump on Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes on SmackDown, but at Night of Champions, Rhodes saved face by using his protective mask as a weapon to retain his title. In a back-and-forth...

RESULTS: WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom def. the Miz & R-Truth by DQ

09/18/2011 20:06
BUFFALO, N.Y. - Unfortunate oversight or calculated conspiracy? It all depends on who you ask. During their controversial match at Night of Champions, WWE Tag Team Title holders Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne prevailed over The Miz & R-Truth by disqualification, but not before...

Night of Champions 2011 Previews

PREVIEW: Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

09/12/2011 22:24
Ted DiBiase has been pushed by Cody Rhodes ... and he’s not going to take it anymore. As former allies in The Legacy, Rhodes and DiBiase worked together to do Randy Orton’s bidding. Flash forward to today and Randy Orton is World Heavyweight Champion and Rhodes is Intercontinental...

PREVIEW: US Champion Ziggler vs. Riley vs. Morrison vs. Swagger

09/12/2011 21:45
Dolph Ziggler’s jealousy may cost him a lot more than the managerial services of Vickie Guerrero – it may well cost him the U.S. Championship. The bombastic blond will be forced to defend his title in a Fatal 4-Way Match at Night of Champions against Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and John...

PREVIEW: WHC Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

09/05/2011 22:41
In a showdown that promises to produce nothing short of pure bedlam in Buffalo, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will attempt to slam the doors shut on Mark Henry’s “Hall of Pain,” in an epic World Title Match at Night of Champions. For months, the enraged Mark Henry has been...

PREVIEW: WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. R-Truth & the Miz

09/05/2011 22:40
After winning the WWE Tag Team Championships, high-flyers Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vowed to take the tag team division to new heights. However, the Superstars collectively known as “Air Boom” will face a fairly steep challenge at Night of Champions. There, the conspiracy-obsessed...

PREVIEW: Divas Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

09/05/2011 22:03
“Your days as the cute, perky blond bimbo are over.” – Beth Phoenix, to Divas Champion Kelly Kelly on August 1, 2011. With those words, The Glamazon had drawn a line in the sand – she was determined to change the very face of the Divas division. At SummerSlam two weeks later, though, she...

PREVIEW: CM Punk vs. Triple H (No Holds Barred)

08/29/2011 23:23
CM Punk’s fervent quest for answers will lead him to an intense confrontation with WWE’s Chief Operating Officer at Night of Champions, where The Straight Edge Superstar battles 13-time World Champion Triple H. On an explosive WWE Raw SuperShow, Triple H admitted that he wouldn’t be...

PREVIEW: Kevin Nash vs. CM Punk (CANCELED)

08/29/2011 21:18
For Weeks, Nash and Punk have been argueing and taking each other out with their comments about each other. It all started at SummerSlam after the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match, when CM Punk won, a returning Kevin Nash hopped the barrier and attacked Punk leaving him in the middle of...

PREVIEW: WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

08/22/2011 22:23
Destiny’s a funny thing. At SummerSlam, it seemed as though either John Cena or CM Punk was destined to walk into Night of Champions in possession of the WWE Title. However, that honor was stripped from them both thanks to a contentious series of events that culminated with Alberto Del...

Night of Champions 2011 News

Night of Champions Insane Recap

09/19/2011 15:31
Two major title changes, a deft-defying high-flyin table-breaking elbow drop, and a night of memories that may have had long-term implications beyond any of our initial expectations. This is the recap to end all recaps! Gallery Photo Guest community writer Marcus "The Hammer"...

Paul Heyman Reacts To Night Of Champions PPV Finish, Beth Phoenix Fans Not Happy

09/19/2011 15:12
Former WWE star Paul Heyman had the following to say following last night’s Night of Champions PPV: “I had to flip from watching Inglourious Basterds to see HHH vs CM Punk. Fill in your own punch line for that one, folks! I thought they (and all the others involved) put on one helluva show. It...

Controversial Signs From Fans Taken Away At WWE PPV

09/19/2011 15:06
The Wrestling Observer is reporting that they received several fan reports regarding signs being taken away at the WWE Night Of Champions PPV. We can also confirm through fans sending us reports that this was going on. Some of the signs read: "Wish Benoit was here" "Michael Cole equals low...
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