The WWE Network is coming in 2012! It will be the Channel for everything WWE!


General Information:

Launch Date: 2012 (Date TBA)

Available: Standard, High Definition, & HBO

Cost: $7.00 to $12.00 per month

Channel: TBA

Facebook Page:!/TheWWENetwork

WWE Network Voting

Name a NEW Fully-Interactive Live Studio Show!

10/31/2011 15:39
Help us Build the WWE Network by Naming Our Fully-Interactive Live Studio Show! In 2012, WWE Network’s new daily live studio show will connect you to the Superstars like never before. Tune in to score breaking news, exclusive match analyses, topics of the day, interviews, highlights, and...

Name WWE Network’s New “Monday Night War” TV Series!

10/20/2011 14:38
WWE Network launches in 2012, but we're already taking names for our new slate of shows, including a controversial look back at the Monday Night War. Waged between WWE and WCW during the 90's, this battle for TV dominance unfolded live each week, giving rise to some of the most iconic...

Name WWE Network's New Legends Reality Show!

10/17/2011 15:14
WWE Network is launching in 2012, but you can be a part of it right now! Help name our newest show, a reality series featuring many of your favorite WWE Legends, all forced to live under one roof. See what happens when the most colorful and combustive personalities in WWE history shack up,...

Name the New WWE Divas Reality Show

10/14/2011 14:41
What would you name WWE’s first reality show, featuring our Divas? WWE Network promises to deliver the most interactive TV experience ever. We’re asking you to help us name our Divas Reality Show. A reality show that welcomes you aboard the private Divas tour bus as it travels from venue...

WWE Network News

Conference Call Notes: Cost Of Upcoming WWE Network, WWE vs Oprah, More

11/03/2011 20:02
During a WWE conference call on Thursday afternoon, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon promised stockholders that the company will soon be making a “very big announcement” regarding the upcoming WWE Network. McMahon noted that the company has “turned the corner” to where they can soon make the...

'WrestleMania Rewind': The first WWE Network Show

10/18/2011 14:56
The WWE Universe has spoken and has chosen the first name for a new WWE Network show: WrestleMania Rewind! Based on the WWE Universe's votes last week on, WrestleMania Rewind earned more than 39 percent of the votes, edging out WrestleMania Revisited, WrestleMania Flashback and...

New WWE Network Announced

10/14/2011 14:59
As millions of WWE Universe members witnessed while watching WWE Raw SuperShow Monday September 5, 2011, something big is coming to WWE that will change not just the squared circle, but all of entertainment. It’s the WWE Network. And, as the world learned this week, it’s on its way in 2012. All...

WWE Planning Diva Reality Series Show For Network

10/14/2011 14:50
WWE is asking fans to help name a program starring the Sexy, Smart and Powerful Divas for their soon to be launched WWE Network. describes the program as "a reality show that welcomes you aboard the private Divas tour bus as it travels from venue to venue. Cameras will roll 24/7,...

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