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TNA World Heavyweight Championship---Bobby Roode (won November 3, 2011 on Impact Wrestling)

TNA Television Championship---Robbie E (won November 13, 2011 at Turning Point 2011)

TNA World Tag Team Championship---Matt Morgan & Crimson (won November 17, 2011 on Impact Wrestling)

X Division Championship---Austin Aries (won September 11, 2011 at No Surrender 2011)

TNA Knockouts Championship---Gail Kim (won November 13, 2011 at Turning Point 2011)

TNA Women's Tag Team Championship---Madison Rayne & Gail Kim (won November 3, 2011 on Impact Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling

TNA Star Ric Flair To Undergo Surgery For Torn Left Triceps

09/22/2011 14:41
TNA Wrestling star Ric Flair is set to undergo surgery to repair a torn left triceps muscle – an injury he sustained during his recent match with Sting on Impact Wrestling. Flair was originally told the injury was a broken bursa sac in his elbow, but it’s only gotten worse since the match....

Hulk Hogan Possibly Spoils ‘Announcement’ At TNA Tapings

09/20/2011 15:36
Hulk Hogan has spoiled what he is expected to announce tomorrow night during the Impact Wrestling tapings in Knoxville, Tennessee. He noted on Twitter that he is looking forward to the “formal ending to my long career.” “Pumped up for the IMPACT tapings in Knoxville tomorrow,the formal...

Three Hour Impact Wrestling Broadcast Set For October

09/08/2011 18:27
According to SpikeTV's website, Impact Wrestling on October 6th, 2011 will be a 3-hour episode, airing from 9 PM to midnight. Visit to see Spike's schedule for that day, plus check out or for...
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Impact Knockouts

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Impact Wrestling Results & Previews

Impact Wrestling Results (11/17/11)

11/17/2011 18:22
Below are the results from the November 17, 2011 edition of Impact Wrestling: TNA World Champion Bobby Roode enters the Impact Zone & says that he was always the leader of Fortune. He begins talking about his faults and accomplishments. He is confronted by James Storm & charges the...

Impact Wrestling Results (11/10/11)

11/10/2011 19:21
Below is everything that happened on the November 3rd, 2011 edition of Impact Wrestling: Highlights from last weeks main event (Bobby Roode def. TNA World Champion James Storm) by hitting him on the head w/ a beer bottle to win the match. After the match, James Storm was pissed. New TNA...

Impact Wrestling Results (11/3/11)

11/03/2011 16:31
Below is everything that happened on the November 3rd, 2011 edition of Impact Wrestling: TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm enters the arena & asks "Atlanta George are there any beer drinkers here tonight." He talks about growing up in the South. He says that he...

Impact Wrestling Results (10/27/11)

10/27/2011 21:23
* The show opened with new TNA Champion James Storm talking about how he watched Wrestlemania III with his father and wanted to be a pro wrestler, wishing his dad could see this. Fortune came out and Storm said he wanted to give Bobby Roode the first title shot since he was screwed at Bound for...

Impact Wrestling Results (10/20/11)--STORM WINS WORLD TITLE

10/20/2011 20:34
The list below are matches or segments that occured on this weeks (10/13/11) edition of Impact Wrestling: Sting enters the arena without any makeup, facepaint, or attire on. He is wearing a "Hogan" shirt that says "H2" on it. Sting says "man it is great to be back in the Impact Zone again....
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