RESULTS: Mark Henry def. Big Show

07/17/2011 21:14

Mark Henry def. Big Show

CHICAGO - The fury that has built within Mark Henry over recent weeks was fully unleashed in the Windy City at the expense of Big Show. There was no doubt that the WWE Universe would witness a colossal collision in Chi-Town, but no one could have predicted the two Earth-shattering World’s Strongest Slams, two big splashes and brutal attack after the match on Big Show’s ankle, with a steel chair, that would put down The World’s Largest Athlete at Money in the Bank.

Though enough for the win, two devastating slams weren’t enough to satisfy The World Strongest Man’s rage. He continued to attack Big Show, targeting his ankle and causing enough damage to prevent the fallen giant from being able to stand up on his own, having to be taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

The WWE Universe inside the Allstate Arena gripped their souvenir cups tight, knowing that when either enormous Superstar hit the other, it could very well result in shockwaves felt all over Chicago. Big Show was out for retribution after weeks of powerful attacks by Mark Henry, and hoped to find it in the form of delivering his mighty right hook to Henry’s jaw.

The Second City witnessed Big Show and Mark Henry put enormous force into trying to take the other down and gain an upper hand throughout the match. As the behemoths traded thunderous blows and Henry attacked Big Show’s knee, one thing became abundantly clear: There would only be enough room in WWE for one of these massive Superstars when the dust settled.

Clearly, SmackDown could not contain a reborn Mark Henry and he put everyone from Raw and the blue brand on notice, making Big Show his first target. However, The World’s Largest Athlete may have created his own problem as Henry’s recent path of destruction was ignited when Big Show attacked him before WWE Capitol Punishment. Henry sought revenge at the event in our nation’s capital by attacking The World’s Largest Athlete and putting him through a table with the World’s Strongest Slam, allowing Alberto Del Rio to pick up a victory. But The World’s Strongest man wasn’t finished, at Raw Roulette he shocked the WWE Universe by sending Big Show crashing through a steel cage, a feat he followed weeks later by sacrificing his own body to push Big Show off the entrance area. Along the way, Henry left destruction, debris and fear in the WWE locker roon, including the production staff when attacked a WWE audio technician on SmackDown when Big Show’s music was mysterious played during a match, costing him a chance for World Title opportunity.

Knowing that The World’s Strongest Man would do nearly anything to decimate him, and fully aware that Big Show may have created his predicament, the giant certainly came into Money in the Bank ready for the battle of his career. Big Show was confident he could suppress the fire that he started, but Henry proved to the WWE Universe that he is both the irresistible force and the immovable object. The World’s Strongest Man managed to overpower The World’s Largest Athlete and make his ultimate statement in his conquest of the 7-foot former World Champion


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