PREVIEW: World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian

07/17/2011 17:24


After Christian captured his first World Championship in his 17-year career at Extreme Rules (PHOTOS) – then lost it to Randy Orton just days later –he has been on a relentless quest to regain the title. But the results have been the same each time. At Capitol Punishment (PHOTOS) and Over the Limit (PHOTOS), Christian failed to beat World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

Will the third time be the charm? Maybe, but at Money in the Bank he is counting on more than just luck.

To bolster his chances, Christian had his legal team include a special clause in the match contract. If Orton is disqualified, or if there is a bad referee call, Christian immediately becomes the new champion.

The clause stems from Christian’s continual claims that he has been “screwed” out of the title. At Extreme Rules, he claims that his leg was clearly under the ropes when Orton was declared the winner. Then just when he thought he thought he earned a World Title opportunity in a tag team victory on SmackDown, General Manager Theodore Long said not so fast (WATCH). It wasn't until Christian& Mark Henry beat Orton & Kane in a tag match that Christian finally earned his match with Orton (WATCH).

But even after solidifying his No. 1 contender spot, Christian’s quest hit another road block. On the July 1 edition of SmackDown, Sheamus crashed the World Title contract signing, brutalized both Christian and Orton, and tore up their match contract (WATCH). With no contract and doubts about whether the World Title Match would even take place, Christian revealed the next week that a newly signed contract did indeed exist– including the special clause.

With the clause in his corner, can Christian finally regain the coveted title he held for just days? Or, will The Viper finally crush Christian’s dream for good? To find out, tune in to WWE Money in the Bank, July 17, only on pay-per-view.


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