Bound For Glory Series (standigns as of 7/11/11)

07/18/2011 13:22


The Bound For Glory Series has arrived! 12 IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars will compete - who will earn the title shot and compete in the main event at the biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year? Over the next 3 months, it doesn't matter where they fight or what kind of match they fight in! Every outcome, every win and every loss will update their standings in the BFG Series!

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by Dr. X, Impact Wrestling Professor

Hello, IMPACT WRESTLING fans and welcome to "Monday Impact!". Every Monday, you can follow the Bound For Glory Series and see where your favorite IMPACT WRESTLING athlete sits in the updated standings. Along with the first standings, I have added my educated opinion and odds of each participants chances of winning the BFGS (Bound For Glory Series) but remember, the odds are for entertainment purposes only.

Crimson+7 pinned Robert Roode
The Pope and Devon beat James Storm and Matt Morgan when Devon +7 pinned Storm

Standings as of 7/11
1. Crimson 31 pts
2. Gunner 21 pts
2. Devon 21 pts
3. Matt Morgan 14 pts
3. James Storm 14 pts
3. RVD 14 pts
3. AJ Styles 14 pt
3. Bully Ray 14 pts
4. Scott Steiner 7 pts
5. Samoa Joe 0 pts
5. Pope 0 pts
5. Robert Roode 0 pts

Who's Hot

Crimson. Nobody can figure this guy out yet? He's undefeated, sits atop the BFGS standings and is young and hungry. I guess the question now is, "will anyone figure this guy out in time before he posts an insurmountable lead?" I'm starting to lean towards a resounding..."NO!"

Match of the Week

Devon and Pope defeating James Storm and Matt Morgan. The Pope pretty much had the 7 points in his pocket then decided to open up a GIGANTIC can of words.....he GAVE away the 7 points to his new friend/ tag team partner, Devon. Why? Did they make a deal before the match or does Pope really want to change his ways. Handing away 7 points could be costly. I mean, what if Devon wins the BFGS be 7 or 5 or even, God forbid, 1 point over The Pope? Does Pope ask for the points back? Does he ask for IMPACT WRESTLING officials to transfer the points back to him much like we transfer miles or reward points to get free hotel rooms and airline tickets?

Robert Roode may want to rethink the BFGS. He has zero points and his shoulder is still not 100% and he is now running the risk of a possible permanent (rotator cuff, anyone?) injury that could affect his career. RVD wrestling in a non BFGS match on IMPACT WRESTLING this week was risky. What is he had got hurt or what if a BFGS series athlete had gotten to someone (Jerry Lynn?) and paid them off to weaken or injure him? Guys have to be a little more selective with grudges moving forward as it looks like RVD made an emotional decision instead stepping back and analyzing the situation. Of course, it's easy for me to analyze it sitting behind a keyboard. Let's not forget.....I am a doctor. Pope handing Devon the pinfall and the 7 points is going to open up a can of worms. Moving forward, this may become a popular move with guys who are pretty much athletically eliminated. Say Pope still has zero points in September and he and Devon face a team comprised of AJ Styles and RVD. Devon, possibly in contention for a top spot, as are RVD and AJ, gets "offered" or "handed" the pinfall by Pope when it presents itself. Has Pope "sold" the points for a future gift? Or has Devon "bought" the points telling Pope he will give him the first title shot if he wins the title after he wins the BFGS series and gets his title shot. This could become a sellers market very quickly!! Hey, I would do it if I was eliminated. After all, what bigger prize is there in IMPACT Wrestling than the IMPACT WRESTLING Heavyweight Championship. Til next week, remember, wrestling matters, that's why we keep score! Blog and tweet amongst yourselves..... but whatever happened to writing a letter.....on paper? Got Stamps? Next week......mailbag!!!!!!!!!


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