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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been producing a magazine for several years now and while the magazine has gone through several changes, there are a lot of great issues that have been released. Some of the most popular issues have been their special edition issues, featuring a wide range of topics within the WWE. Here is a look at the best Special Edition WWE Magazines.

500th Issue: Late in 2007, WWE reached a magazine milestone when it released its 500th edition. This special collector's edition features a shiny silver cover with the number 500 plastered over the front. On the inside is a huge section of Cheers and Jeers about the last 499 issues of publications. From Andre the Giant's giant cast to the best covers, there is a lot of information throughout this magazine. Not only is it a great look back at the WWE's magazine history, but a look at the WWE's history as well.

Greatest WWE Champions of All Time: This magazine not only covers some of the greatest champions of all time, but it has an extensive look at every single world title change and a lot of pictures from those title matches. Want to know how Triple won so many championships? It is very easy to look up and find in this excellent issue. They also take a look at who never won the WWE Championship and who deserved to.

Best Pay Per View Moments of All Time: Throughout the year, some of the main WWE highlights occur at their various pay per view events and this book takes a look at the best of the best and puts in all in writing and picture. From Armageddon to Wrestlemania, every major pay per view is covered and there is even a special section with the top pay per view photos ever.

Book of Lists: Everybody loves lists, and this magazine is filled with a lot of them, including the best finishers, entrances and so much more. You may not agree with some of them or the order that they go in, but it is still interesting to see everything they have come up with and it is all WWE related.

Austin 3:16: At the height of his popularity, WWE magazine released a special issue titled "Austin 3:16". This magazine looks at the history of Stone Cold Steve Austin, his greatest feuds and so much more that is all packed into a great issue. It's like a mini-bio if you do not want to read his Stone Cold Truth book or watch his DVD.

As long as there are wrestling fans, there will be the WWE magazine and every month a new special edition magazine will be released for fans to enjoy.


Take cover!
WWE Magazine's April issue features 26 collectible covers. Vote for your favorite below.

Wish your favorite Superstar could grace the front of WWE Magazine? Chances are he's on it this month. In honor of WrestleMania, the April 2010 issue of WWE Magazine is releasing 26 unique Superstar covers.

It's a publishing first! Whichever issue you choose at the newsstands, inside you'll discover tell-all interviews with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, a guide to this year's Show of Shows, an exclusive poster of the beautiful Mickie James, and much, much more. Be a part of history - pick up the April 2010 issue of WWE Magazine, on newsstands now!

In the spirit of this monumental release, WWE.com is asking the WWE Universe to vote for which Superstar they think looks best on the cover. Check the photo gallery below to see al 26 Collectibe WrestleMania April 2010 Covers

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WWE Magazine April 2010 Collectible Covers (WM26)

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