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WWE Legends (A-G)

08/04/2011 20:50
Superstar/Diva: HOF/Legend: WWE Debut: Retirement Date: A.J. Kirsch Tough Enough 5 4/4/2011 6/6/2011 Abdullah the Butcher HOF...

WWE Legends (H-S)

08/04/2011 20:51
Ring Name: HOF/Legend: Debut: Retired: Hardcore Holly Hardcore Icon 1/11/1994 1/16/2009 Harley Race HOF (2004) ...

WWE Legends (S-Z)

08/04/2011 20:59
Ring Name: HOF/Legend: Debut: Retired: Stu Hart HOF (2010) 1943 1972 Sunny HOF (2011) 1994 1998 ...

WWE Legends News

Is "The Kliq" history?

11/08/2011 19:35
“The Kliq” was, at one point, the strongest unit in sports-entertainment. This inseparable crew of locker room buddies - including Triple H, Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels - were among the most influential Superstars in WWE just before the dawn of the Attitude Era. Their friendship has...

Bring it back! The Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection

11/04/2011 16:23
In the `80s, the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection (R.W.C.) – an alliance between MTV’s wild, pop star Cyndi Lauper and the outrageous Superstars of WWE – propelled the squared circle into the upper stratosphere of pop-culture phenomenon. WWE.com has been chomping at the bit to see the second...

Exclusive: News on the Return of Chris Jericho & Mick Foley

10/11/2011 14:52
A key WWE insider confirmed with WrestleZone this evening that both Chris Jericho and Mick Foley are expected to return to WWE in some capacity between now and WrestleMania, but neither will be "full time, on the road, weekly characters for more than one storyline." This news comes despite...
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Have you ever wondered what happened to the Superstars you watched as a kid? We do. In Where Are They Now?, WWE.com tracks down some of the most popular Superstars of the '70s, '80s and '90s and finds out what life is like beyond the ring. Stay tuned to Where Are They Now? for more additions in the coming months, and be sure to check out all your favorite WWE Superstars of the past with WWECLASSICS.com. Check it out, the "Where Are They Now" articles are listed below.

Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now? Billy Kidman

09/21/2011 18:05
Billy Kidman has never forgotten the response he received 15 years ago when he had his first tryout match with WWE. “Funny story,” Kidman said with a smirk. “[Former WWE producer] Tony Garea pulled aside one of the guys I was with and told him not to bring me anymore, because I was too...

Where Are They Now? Bob Backlund

08/04/2011 21:21
To some members of the WWE Universe, Bob Backlund is the scrappy, ginger-haired, All-American boy who used his collegiate wrestling skills to defeat the flamboyant "Superstar" Billy Graham for the WWE Championship in 1978. To others, he is Mr. Backlund, the bow-tied blowhard who challenged fans...

Where Are They Now? Brutus Beefcake

08/04/2011 21:28
With his imposing steel shears, colorful outfits, wide eyes and contagious smile, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake became one of the most beloved Superstars in WWE history. Brutus' career tells a story of courage and commitment. The popular Superstar overcame numerous obstacles and a near fatal...

Where Are They Now? Dean Malenko

08/04/2011 21:15
“I had about a 30-minute window to get to the hospital or I wouldn’t be having this conversation with you.” Dean Malenko was remembering the day in late November of last year when a heart attack nearly killed him. It happened suddenly early one morning when health problems were the furthest thing...

Where Are They Now? Diamond Dallas Page

08/04/2011 21:20
When people said Diamond Dallas Page couldn't do it, he did it. When people said he was too old, he proved them wrong. Everyone faces adversity throughout their lives, but few people have the mentality to overcome it like that of DDP. Even now, after leaving the squared circle, Page is still...

Where Are They Now? Gillberg

08/04/2011 21:10
"Goldberg hates my guts," Duane Gill said. "He told me right to my face." The former World Heavyweight Champion's animosity shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, Gill is the man who found his greatest success in WWE while portraying "Gillberg" — an over-the-top, comical spoof of Goldberg's...

Where Are They Now? Greg Valentine

08/04/2011 21:35
With his golden locks and trademark shin pad wrapped around his boot, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine made an impact in WWE rings for more than a decade. With a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Valentine has seen and done it all in sports-entertainment. In 2004, he was honored for his...

Where Are They Now? Hillbilly Jim

08/04/2011 21:11
When WWE.com interviewed Hillbilly Jim by phone in late November, the WWE Legend wasn't sipping from a jar of moonshine whiskey or plucking on a banjo. Instead, he was preparing for his upcoming lecture to students at Western Kentucky University. "Some professor's got me coming over, talking to...

Where Are They Now? Honky Tonk Man

08/04/2011 21:26
Some people say he's a loudmouth, and some say he's obnoxious. If you ask him, he'll tell you, "I'm cool, I'm cocky and I'm bad." But, regardless of whether you like him or not, it's widely agreed that he's the "greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time." For close to a decade, he was one of...

Where Are They Now? Jake Roberts

08/04/2011 21:31
With a single glance and a few dark words, Jake "The Snake" Roberts could make any Superstar believe that his career was about to come to a miserable end. To many, Roberts wrote the book on wrestling psychology, an art and skill which he displayed on a weekly basis to WWE fans throughout the '80s...

Where Are They Now? Lex Luger

08/04/2011 21:06
With the impressive physique he had upon leaving the gridiron for the squared circle, it's perfectly understandable why Lex Luger was something of a "Narcissist." Who could have guessed that the former football player who began training with Hiro Matsuda in 1985 would become the "Total Package"?...

Where Are They Now? Mike Rotundo

08/04/2011 21:23
If you want to talk about Mike Rotundo's career you have to begin with The Destroyer. Born Dick Beyer, The Destroyer was a legendary masked wrestler, internationally known for his brutal rivalries with the likes of "Crippler" Ray Stevens, Giant Baba and Mil Máscaras. He was also a Syracuse...

Where Are They Now? Rick Martel

08/04/2011 21:32
As one of WWE's most beloved and most hated competitors or the ‘80s and ‘90s, Rick Martel built his success over the years with the right attitude, the perfect personality and an undeniable connection with each member of the WWE Universe. Extremely talented from the moment he set foot in a ring,...

Where Are They Now? Slick

08/04/2011 21:25
In the mid ‘80s, the world of sports-entertainment was hit with a sudden injection of style. From the time of his debut, it didn't take long for the smooth-talking and constantly scheming manager by the name of Slick to acquire and maintain one of the most imposing stables in the history of the...

Where Are They Now? Steve Blackman

08/04/2011 21:08
In May of 1989, Steve Blackman was days away from beginning his career with World Wrestling Entertainment. A week later, he was in sub-Saharan Africa on the brink of death. "I was supposed to start with WWE, but I promised this guy I would go over to South Africa for three weeks," Blackman told...

Where Are They Now? Sunny

08/04/2011 21:13
What led to Sunny's release from World Wrestling Entertainment in 1998? If you've read any number of sports-entertainment websites, you'd believe it was due to torrid love affairs or infighting in the Divas locker-room. Tammy Sytch said none of this is true, although rumors of a rivalry with Sable...

Where Are They Now? The Kiss Demon

08/04/2011 21:02
It should have worked — a blood spewing, fire breathing giant of a professional wrestler inspired and endorsed by the hugely popular rock band Kiss. Yet, The Demon is remembered as a misfire, a major slip-up that finally sealed Eric Bischoff’s fate with World Championship Wrestling and a testament...

Where Are They Now? The Warlord

08/04/2011 21:19
At 6-foot-5 and more than 300 pounds, The Warlord was a perfect fit inside the ring. This is true, but only came to fruition by chance. (PHOTOS) It just so happened one night in 1986 that Terry Szopinski was working out at The Gym in Minnesota -- one owned by WWE legend Road Warrior Animal. The...

Where Are They Now? Tugboat

08/04/2011 21:34
Depending on who you ask, Fred Ottman is best known as either the loveable sailor- Tugboat, the oversized Natural Disaster - Typhoon, or the stumbling Storm Trooper mask wearing Shockmaster. While there may be some debate as to which is the most recognizable of his many aliases, fans around the...

Where Are They Now? Vader

08/04/2011 21:17
It was the second blow that knocked Vader’s eye out. He’s sure about that. He’s watched the tapes back, obsessing over the way his longtime rival Stan Hansen nearly blinded the 450-pound world champion in front of 77,000 fans in the Tokyo Dome. Both men were known for being aggressive, but they...
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