RESULTS: Alberto Del Rio won the Raw MITB Ladder Match

07/17/2011 21:34

CHICAGO – Alberto Del Rio climbed 10 steps closer to fulfilling his destiny. The Mexican Aristocrat prevailed over seven other Superstars to capture Raw’s Money in the Bank briefcase in front of a stunned audience.

Del Rio competed in the grueling contest against Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, The Miz, R-Truth and Jack Swagger. By seizing the coveted briefcase, the moneyed Mexican earned the contract within allowing him a WWE Championship match anytime during the next year.

During the match, The Mexican Aristocrat proved he’s one determined hombre. Del Rio navigated a talented field of Superstars, including Miz and Swagger, both of whom have captured titles after cashing in Money in the Bank briefcases. He also faced Mysterio, who was participating in his very first Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Adding to the fireworks, high flyers Bourne and Kingston offered the crowd several unforgettable and harrowing moments. But it would be The Mexican Aristocrat who would push The Master of the 619 off his ladder just before ascending to the coveted red case.

Capturing the Money in the Bank briefcase is an admirable feat to be certain. But can Del Rio parlay the coveted case into a World Championship and the fulfillment of his destiny?


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