PREVIEW: Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. Swagger vs. Miz vs. Bourne vs. Mysterio vs. Riley vs. Kingston)

07/17/2011 17:29


At WWE Money in the Bank, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, R-Truth and Jack Swagger have the chance to attain a contract granting them a World Championship opportunity at any time over the next year. The only catch? That contract is inside a briefcase hanging 20 feet above the ring. To get it, one of these Superstars will have to survive a Ladder Match as treacherous and brutal as any bout in sports-entertainment.

Since its introduction at WrestleMania 21 in 2005, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match has proven to be a star-maker. Top Superstars like Edge and CM Punk grabbed their first World Titles after winning the bout and announced themselves to the WWE Universe as champions that deserved to be watched. Over the past six years, every one of the six competitors like Punk and Edge who “cashed in” their title match contract walked away with the championship in their hands.

For competitors like Riley, Kingston, Bourne, Truth and Del Rio, winning this bout would put them in the perfect position to capture their first World Titles. Each of these men have an opening to make the same major breakthrough that The Rated-R Superstar did in 2005, so expect these warriors to pull out all the stops — by pure athleticism or sheer cunning, if need be — when they enter the Allstate Arena on July 17.

For Superstars like Mysterio, Miz and Swagger, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match presents an opportunity to get back on top of the mountain. All three competitors have held a World Title in the past and both The Awesome One and The All-American American won Money in the Bank Ladder Matches in 2010. These former winners will look to duplicate the shrewd success of Punk and Edge — both of whom triumphantly cashed in on two separate occasions. Meanwhile, The Master of the 619, competing for the first time in this dangerous environment, will attempt to overcome the odds — something he is better at than any other competitor in WWE.

On July 17, the dreams of one of these eight Superstars will come true — but it will be a nightmare for them to make it happen. They will strive for WWE’s apex, but will literally need to climb their way there. Witness all the grit and glory for yourself at WWE Money in the Bank, only on pay-per-view.


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