Money in the Bank 2011 Preview Show

07/17/2011 19:51

 Money in the Bank 2011 Preview Show (Free-for-All):

            Hosted By: Jack Korpela & Scott Stanford

            Time: 7:30pm to 7:59pm (29 minutes)

            Setup: Replica of Raw & Smackdown’s MITB Briefcase are hanging above ladders in the room.

            Money in the Bank Ladder Match: The Rules and strategy

                                Time: 7:32pm to 7:34pm (1 minute 43 seconds)

                                Notes: Clips of every MITB Ladder Match in WWE History is shown in a package describing the

rules and what you need to do in the match. Past winners include Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Edge, the Miz, Kane, and many more.


            World Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian

                                Time: 7:36pm to 7:40pm (3 minutes 17 seconds)

                                Notes: At Capitol Punishment last month (6/19/11), Orton pinned Christian in the WHC title

match after an RKO while Christian’s left leg was underneath the rope. The next week on Smackdown, Christian confronted Long about getting a rematch because he was screwed out of the title and deserves another rematch. The contract states that if Orton gets disqualified, counted out, referee with bad efficiating or interuption, he automatically becomes WHC Sheamus interupts the contract signing on the 7/1/11 edition of Smackdown. “You can’t beat me,” Christian says at the contract signing.


November 22, 2010 on Raw (Orlando, Florida); Orton retains his WWE Championship aganst Wade Barrett in a brutal match. But then the Miz enters the arena and cashes in his MITB. The Miz pins Orton in a WWE Championship match after reversing an RKO into Skull Crushing Finale. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, & CM Punk were all on the commentary team commentated while the Miz tried to win the WWE title. The match lasted 2 minutes 44 seconds. The expression on the “Miz girl” is priceless. After the promo, Korpela is holding the Raw briefcase until Stanford says “hey Kelly Kelly,” and Korpela drops the case.


            Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match: 8 Competitors from Raw compete in this match

                                Time: 7:46pm to 7:48pm (2 minutes 54 seconds)

                                Notes: A 6-man tag team match on Raw (Boston, MA on 7/11/11; I was there) between Kingston,

Bourne, & Riley versus R-Truth, Miz, & Swagger took place when Riley pinned Swagger, but Miz attacked Riley after the match. Alberto Del Rio then enters and takes a ladder destroying everyone in his path.


            WWE Championship Match: John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk

                                Time: 7:54pm to 7:58pm (3 minutes 47 seconds)

                                Notes: CM Punk talking about how he was suspended on Raw 6/28/11. He also called everyone in the WWE a bunch of “ass kissers.” Most of this was said on the 7/11/11 edition of Raw. The first ever contract signing took place in Boston, MA when Mr. McMahon sat in front of a demanding CM Punk who wanted his face on everything, his own ice-cream bar. CM Punk says “you like the Red Sox, are a dynasty, you have become the New York Yankees.” Cena slaps CM Punk as he retreats to the stage as he says “this Sunday, say goodbye to the WWE title, say goodbye to John Cena, and say goodbye to CM Punk.” If Cena loses tonight, he will be fired.



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